Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip Replacement Surgery

What causes hip arthritis ?

Conditions which cause Hip arthritis [wearing away of the hip joint] are

  1. A vascular necrosis/ perthes disease, which shut down the blood supply of the hip.
  2. Ankylosing spondylitis.
  3. Rheumatoid arthritis.
  4. Other conditions such as dislocated hips and previous fractures.
  5. Long term steroid use, alcoholism, etc.
Treatment options:

Management of hip arthritis include exercises and medication in the initial Stages, In a few cases corrective bone surgery [osteotomy] and in some severe cases hip replacement is done.

Timing of Total Hip Replacement (THR):

A hip replacement should be performed after conservative methods have failed and if a patient's quality of life and ability to perform activities ofdaily living is significantly affected. Many different non-operative modalities should be tried first. These include anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, weight loss and walking assistance devices.


In recent years, cement less hip replacements have become standard all over the world with 90% success rate at an average follow-up of five years.

Hip replacement Types:
  1. Conventional cemented hip replacement.
  2. Cement less total hip replacement.
  3. Highly cross-linked polyethylene.
  4. Hip Resurfacing System.(latest).
  5. Surface hip replacement

  6. Metal on metal total hip prosthesis.(latest)

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