Srikara Hospitals – Kompally

Srikara Hospitals – Kompally

SRIKARA Ortho & Multi Specialty Hospitals stands for the influx of quality, expertise, technical edge, international standards, compassionate and affordable care, forming the perfect team of qualities that a hospital can offer.

Located at heart of Kompally between Suchitra cross roads and Medchal.

The SRIKARA Ortho & Multi Specialty Hospitals a unit of of Venkateswara Ortho Health Care Pvt. Ltd. specialized in Spine, Rheumatology, Ilizarov fixation, Knee Replacements, Arthroscopy reconstruction, Rehabilitation & Sports medicine, Accidents , poly trauma and all medical & Surgical Specialties, run by a team of experienced and visionary doctors.

With in 6 years of span we have done more than 15000 Joint Replacements giving the best in Arthroscopy Trauma and spine surgeries endowed to the best of the patient care and services.

Emergency services provided by our Critical Care team in the all departments of cardiology, plastic surgery and the Neuro team. The i-SUITE operation theater is first in the state with four state of the art integrated modular operating room especially for joint replacements and high end surgeries SRIKARA has set up a special cell for patients from overseas seeking treatment at its facilities. Now, it is looking forward to extend its surgical skills in different parts of the nation and the globe by the way of association with hospitals and institutes having similar kind of dedication and zeal towards ‘PATIENT CARE’.


Quality Improvisation:

  1. With over 8 Imported implants brands available, our vision is to give the best to our beloved patients and with our experience we have decided to use implants of Johnson & Johnson, Smith & Nephew, & Oxenium Knee Replacement, Stryker components and BP fix Rotating platform.
  2. Use of Terraparitride for Osteoporosis and bone healing.
  3. Especiaslly for Joint Replacement to control infection we have installed FIRST i-Suite Operation Theatre in the State.
  4. The i- Suite operating rooms are designed to create the optimal operating environmentfor the surgeon, staff and most importantly the patient.
  5. The ability to share expertise with seamless live audio visuaslconnectivity within hospital and to the outside world.
  6. Four Integrated Modular Theaters


    1. The pioneering innovative integrated OT (Operation Theatre) systems are called as i-Suite. They are designed for efficiency, and equips surgeon with centralized control over devices, audio visual communication and patient data record management in the digital form.
    2. The i-Suite operating rooms are designed to create the optimal operating environment for the surgeon, staff and most importantly the patient. The i-Suite operating room leverages our understanding of the orthopedic workflow to improve efficiencies during the Total Joint Replacements procedure.

The advantages of i-Suite operation theatre

    • Infection Control in sterile areas, by limiting the disturbances around OT table with intuitive control touch screen located away from sterile area or via voice control
    • The ability to share expertise with seamless live audio visual connectivity within hospital enterprise and to the out side world, improving throughput with various surgeons, reducing turnaround time between surgeries.
  1. Patient Data Management for future referencing through embedded digital capture and data archival system. All our doctors are trained from prestigious medical institutions in India and abroad.
  2. SRIKARA Hospitals intends to extend lifelines of the patients in terms of skilled surgical team, paramedics and compassionate health service
  3. Four integrated theatres including One i-Suite theatre with computer navigation system
  4. One Minor OT
  5. Laminar airflow
  6. CCU & SICU Care